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Social aspects

Data describe different aspects of people’s lives, relation between the epidemic, the cultural sector and the economic life, and the changes in the field of education, social services, work and employment, cultural production and dietary habits since the start of the epidemic of COVID-19. Data can be used for various purposes, from planning and evaluation of measures to examination of short- or long-term effects on different elements of the society.

Data for an analysis of social aspects of the COVID-19 epidemic are available at the Social Science Data Archives, national disciplinary research data centre and Slovenian service provider for Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA). Following the Guidelines for sharing data on COVID-19, researchers can deposit their data to the Social Science Data Archives (ADP), where they can receive support for the publication of their data.

Users can find metadata, data and related research documentation in the thematic collection. At the Social Science Data Archives, services for access and reuse of the data in ADP’s catalogue are available to researchers. Data in the ADP’s collection are also findable in the common catalogue of the European social science data archives (CESSDA Data Catalogue). CESSDA consortium has also published an overview of data and projects on the social aspects of COVID-19 in Europe.


Guidelines for sharing data on COVID-19

COVID-19 data collection

Themed studies in ADP's catalogue that can be compared to current circumstances 

CESSDA catalogue of COVID-19 data

Current studies on COVID-19 in Slovenia